Never run out of social media content ideas - Effective Strategy

Social Media Ahmed Mazen 13 January 2021
Want consistent non-stop content to share on your social media channels? Follow these steps and you will get endless quality content.

Here is a creative strategy that will help you never run out of quality content to post on your social media channels.

It is Video curation and not general content curation.

I wouldn’t say I like content curation because it merely means that you are sending your followers to websites you don’t own, which means you’re losing your valuable traffic.

Instead, I recommend curating videos from YouTube.

How do you never run out of content?

Here are the steps to build your endless content machine that pumps into your social media channels:

1- Create a video website on PostQuicker

2- Go to YouTube and find videos that are related to your niche.

3- Embed these videos into your video website using the PostQuicker Chrome Extension.

5- Post quicker will automatically create a new blog post for each video. Change the title to a unique one and add your description to each video.

4- Keep repeating steps 2,3 and 4 until you have a good number of videos on your website; let’s say 30 videos are good to go.

5- Organize your new videos into categories, and create navigation menus so your website visitors can easily navigate your website.

6- Automate the process by telling PostQuicker what YouTube channels you want to follow, and PostQuicker will automatically embed all their new videos into your website. You can hold these videos to be reviewed by you before it is published on your website.

7- Connect your social media channels to your PostQuicker account.

8- Create New social media automation rules. These rules enable you to push blog posts(videos) from your website to be posted on your social media channels at specific times and dates.

This technique will help you publish endless content on your website and automatically share it on your social media channels.

The best thing about YouTube video curation using PostQuicker is that you publish all the curated content from your website, which means you send your social media followers back to your website, not other people’s sites.