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How To Think About Marketing And Social Media In 2020

Read how can you stay ahead of the game of marketing and social media in 2020 and 4 of the most effective content marketing tactics you need to apply!
Yassmin Yasser 25 July 2020

Marketing and Social Media in 2020 took quite a turn. In our field, everything seems to be changing overnight, and weíre introduced to countless new options every second.

Alas, this makes deciding on the best content marketing strategy to get your business attention in 2020 reasonably hard.

Anyway, Itís time to get off the fence youíve been on for quite some time and decide. Yea?

Gary Vaynerchukvaynerchukís CNN interview inspired this article, you can check it below.

Gary Vaynerchukvaynerchuk, known as GaryVee, is the marketing guru, bestselling author, and motivational speaker.

In the interview, he shed light on how marketing and social media in 2020 are, what are the next logical steps to take. He shares the most effective content marketing tactics and tips to manage your business right.

Social Media Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any marketing that isnít online. Whether billboards, radio ads, TV ads, or newspapers.

Digital marketing, chiefly social media content marketing, has taken over now. 

Why is that?

More economical

Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook ads content marketing, are more economical options when compared to billboards or TV ads.

Besides, you can run a whole campaign for free and still gain profit, especially if youíre a good follower of content marketing trends.

Allows direct interaction with your audience

People can comment on your posts or message their questions with just one click.

The return of investment is precisely measured.

Itís easy to see for yourself if the social media marketing campaigns youíre running are doing well or not.

Ability to boost ads that are doing well

If you find that an individual campaign is going well, run it one more time if you want to!

I.e., social media wins because it's more affordable and more people see it!

Which Platforms Are The Rockstars Of Marketing And Social Media in 2020? 

ďStriking a platform while itís hot, matters way more than if that platform ever existed in a decade.Ē

As a business owner, you should keep up with the social media trends to know which are the top content marketing platforms in the meantime and set your plan to it

Itís crucial to become one of the first movers to new platforms.

If you pride yourself on remaining loyal to one platform, please rethink this idea. Your message is what matters, not the medium you speak it through.

The two leading platforms of marketing and social media in 2020 are

TikTok and LinkedIn.

Your content marketing strategy for 2020 should focus on Tik Tok video marketing for your business and create a content marketing plan using LinkedIn.

The faster you accommodate to change, the bigger the likelihood that your business will stay on top.

Social Media Content Marketing Tips:

Below are four of the most effective content marketing tactics to stay ahead of the game of marketing and social media in 2020.

1) Donít get attached to a platform; go where people are:

ďAll I do is see what other people do.Ē

Lay your nest where the most significant number of people are checking, watching, and scrolling through.

It would be best if you move before your competition does.

To be the first to see the trending content, follow the top profiles in the platform, and with your businessís KPIs in mind, create content that matches the content marketing trends.

Pull out all the stops!

As we mentioned earlier, Tik Tok is the supreme social media app in 2020, and Linkedin comes second in line!

Get creative with the Tik Tok videos as much as you can and be present on Linkedin as soon as possible!

2) Donít Worry About The Next Step; Focus On Today.

Itís hard, if not impossible, to forecast how social media marketing will be in the future. A platform that is leading now can fall to the ground next month. 

It would help if you harnessed every opportunity today and leave tomorrowís bridges for tomorrow.

3) Donít Move To A Different Platform Because You Feel Obliged To Do So: 

This is one of the most important social media content marketing tips, yet it remains one of the tips most ignored by social media marketers.

? Move only when:

  • You become the master of the platform youíre on, hack its algorithms, and start earning profit from it.
  • Donít move to a platform because youíre obliged to do so. Move when youíre ready to pump out content for this platform.

4) Donít Take Hate Comments Too Seriously.

You need to know that throughout your journey, youíll meet some harsh hateful comments and messages.

But you gotta understand that hate comments come from a position of weakness and low self-esteem.

Donít reply or delete anything. As long as youíre satisfied with your content and you see that youíre developing, this is more than enough.

All in all, marketing and social media in 2020 are the pillars of any businessís success.

Putting yourself in your clientsí shoes will help you stay consumer-centric to moonwalk through success.

Tell us in the comments if you agree with the points we discussed and if you have any other ideas.