5 Twitter Growth Tips to Get more Twitter Followers!

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5 Essential Twitter growth tips discussed by Sydd Lance, that’ll make growing your twitter account a walk in the park!

Twitter is one of the most dependable platforms to kickstart your social media growth. It’s a goldmine of opportunities for your business. 

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you are obliged to learn every trick in the book on how to get more twitter followers.

Roll up your sleeves keep on reading because we brought you the top 5 tricks that’ll help you get more twitter followers in less than 6 months!

Why is getting more twitter followers useful for my business?

When you get more twitter followers, you’ll have a bigger audience to display your product or service to.

You may have experienced what it feels like to grow on twitter and grow your twitter followers by time, yet you keep getting an undetectable amount of retweets and engagement from your audience

Why does that happen? 

To grow your twitter followers is not the only goal you’re ought to aim for. It’s a significant milestone, but it’s still not the finish line.

For your account to keep flourishing, you need a big list of followers that engages with your content, retweets, and shares your stuff.

Basically, if you get to attract the right audience, they’ll aid you in the process of exposing your content.

Watch the video below then keep on reading to learn some must-know twitter growth tips to show you how to get more twitter followers who engage and share your content in no time!

To use social media more effectively and get actual benefit from it instead of just empty vanity numbers, you need to approach your social media presence consciously.

Twitter Growth Tips


Set up your profile decently

Before you get your fingertips busy trying to impress your audience with your 240 character tweets, take some time to professionally set up your profile.

Your profile has to scream awesome the moment anyone lays their eyes on it.

It has to be authentic, organized, and straightforward. 

Adjust the following, 

  • Profile Picture
    Use a photo of yourself.

You don’t want your audience to get a robot- vibe from you. They need to see who is talking, thus connecting with you and, consequently, trusting your words.

  •  Header: 

Use a banner to emphasize what you do so that people can get the drift of what to expect.

You can pick a photo from the free stock photo websites on the internet, add to it your other social media platforms so that anyone who comes by, can see your other platforms and head to them directly if they want to.

  • Bio: 

Write a bio describing what you do in a context that is humane and relatable.

Try to avoid sounding mundane. 

You can add something personal about yourself to make it sound interesting.

  • Pinned Tweets
    Update your pinned tweets from time to time. 

Always try to pick the pinned tweets according to these two criteria: spoke your message best, and had a massive deal of retweets.

Check the popular accounts in your Niche and take inspiration from their profiles.

Tip #2

Don’t be stingy with the following. 

Going out of your way to follow a vast bunch of random people at once and then unfollowing those who didn’t follow you the next day is not how to get followers on twitter fast.

Don’t do that. It’ll do you more harm than good.

Moreover, it’s not healthy to fret about your following vs. followers ratio now. It’s okay if your followers’ list is short compared to your followings. In fact, following other accounts is the only way to get you a considerable organic reach.

It would help if you were wise about who you choose to follow.

Handpick the accounts that’ll fit into your circle, and you want to engage with in the future. 

An easy trick, visit pages of accounts you enjoy in your niche and scroll through the suggested accounts.



Engage regularly with hashtags

Twitter is all about engagement, whether through retweets, quote tweets, or replies. 

You need to be present in the field at all times, with your bucket of suitable hashtags.

Hashtags are an evergreen technique in social media marketing. 

Pick at least ten popular hashtags in your niche and reply to ten tweets for each hashtag a day . 

Don’t undermine this technique. Include it in your daily routine, you’ll begin seeing results and getting followers.

People will get curious and go check your profile. If it is appealing and insightful, they will get encouraged to follow you. 

Tip #4:

Post regularly and strategically

Don’t limit yourself to one or two tweets per day. 

To get more twitter followers, social media professionals recommend tweeting 3-5 times/day in the beginning.

Tweeting more on different timings of the day gives you a higher chance of showing up on your niche’s timeline.

In the future, you can decrease the momentum to 2-3 times/ day when things are stable, and your account starts getting some proper engagement. 

An important detail is that before you start working on your multi 240 character postings, do some research to figure out when most of your community is active. 

Give your community the biggest chance to see what you got to say and interact with you by tweeting a lot and at suitable times.
Make sure you include the hashtags in your tweets too.

Stick to your Niche. 

When you choose a particular topic to talk about, bear in mind that your audience expects your tweets to be revolving around that specific topic. 

This is why they followed you in the first place. 

Don’t mislead them by sharing random non-relevant stuff. 

You don’t have to talk business 24/7; as a matter of fact, tweeting about only business will bore your followers and drive them away. 

Sprinkle in fun GIFs, personal stuff and engaging Qs from time to time

Just make sure that your posts revolve around your topic.  

Tip #5

 Tidy up your feed

Take out the trash from time to time.

You want your feed to showcase your best content.

Clean up your old posts and throw low retweeted tweets under the carpet.

Growing on any social media platform is all about creating engaging content that people get indulged in and benefit from.

Try these tips and let us know in the comments which worked for you!