How to Grow Your Facebook Group? 5 Killer Tactics

Social Media Yassmin Yasser Last update 3 years ago
Unveiled some tactics on how to grow your Facebook group and get more group members in next to no time!

How to grow a Facebook group in a short period of time and use Facebook groups for marketing the right way?

Since you're here, it suggests that you've decided to create your Facebook group, or you already did, but it's not doing as good as you've expected. 

The previous two questions and many others probably keep popping in your head. 

Watch this video or keep reading to discover the easiest hacks on how to grow a Facebook page real quick!

Why Create A Facebook Group?

Spares you the hassle of hunting for an audience who wants to listen 

When you sell your product or service, the biggest obstacle that stands between you and profit is, finding people interested in what you're offering.

Anyone who clicks the ''join your group button" is already intrigued and is eager to know more about your service or product.

Gets people to know you and trust you

Facebook group marketing offers you the chance to engage with your target audience. And it provides your target audience an opportunity to engage with you.

 Building a strong relationship with your potential customers makes it more likely for them to proceed with the process of obtaining your product or service.

How to grow a Facebook group?

1- Invite people to the Facebook group

The people who will logically be the most interested in engaging with you and join your community are the ones who follow and like your Facebook page.

Send Facebook group invites to every single person who likes your Facebook page. 

Let's walk through the easiest way to send Facebook group invites:


link your Facebook group to your Facebook page.


 Switch to interacting as your page, instead of your personal account

It'll appear on the left side of your screen.


At the right side of the screen, you'll find a section called "suggested members"

Click, click, click, invite them all.

Commit to sending the Facebook group invites, and you'll generate up to 1000-2000 members pretty fast.

If you still don't have a large number of likes on your Facebook page, consider promoting your Facebook page. 

Promoting your Facebook page is way easier than your group.

After you get more Facebook likes, send facebook group invites the way we discussed above.

Keep in mind:

  • Facebook permits you to invite nearly 50 people a day. 
  • When you invite a large number of people to your group, Facebook will hide this sidebar temporarily. It'll return in a day or two.
  • The message you deliver on your Facebook page and group needs to be congruent to avoid confusing your audience. That's how you make sure that your page followers will be 100% interested in what you have to offer in the group.

2- Choose The Facebook Group Name Wisely

How to grow a Facebook group with something as essential as choosing the Facebook group name?

  • Pick a Facebook group name that is clear and includes what you do. 

 Ex. if your business is a Facebook ads business, including Facebook ads in the name if it's photography, include photography.

Every time someone searches for this word, your group will pop up.

This tactic is extremely effective in the long run.

3- Engage ALOT within your group!  

As the group owner, you're responsible for keeping up the liveliness and engagement of your group members.

Ben unveiled the following techniques on how to grow a Facebook group's engagement. 

- Every new person gets a welcome message. 

Write a welcoming post to new group members every week or after you get a certain number of new group members.

To effortlessly welcome the new group members, head to the sidebar on the right side of the group's screen. 
When you click on the "write post" bar, Facebook will automatically tag your new members in the post.

- Answer your group members' questions and reply to the comments whenever you can.

- Encourage activity and community, organize events like webinars or live training sessions.

- Turn on post-approval

Turning on, post-approval prevents spamming your group and annoying your members with unwanted posts.

Engagement plays a significant role in your growth.

When Facebook can see that people are engaging with your stuff, it'll begin showing your group more.

Besides, developing a good relationship with your members makes them trust you and are more likely to become customers and take your offers.

4- Your Facebook Cover Photo Must Speak Your Message Loud And Clear

Your image should sell what your group is all about. 

When you emphasize what your group offers in the cover photo, people can get the drift of what the group is about from it.

Everyone who lands on your page will get the drift of things and click on the join Facebook group button instantly.

5- Spread the word!

Make sure anyone who knows about your business, gets invited to your group.

  • Include a Facebook group invite in the email blasts.

Write an excellent copy of 2-3 lines explaining the group message to your recipients.

  • Add the link to your Facebook group on your website.
  • Add it to your Linkedin account.

Get It Everywhere!

People in your target audience are looking high and low for a community like your group.

You need to cast the light on it.

we can agree on one thing, Facebook group marketing can be challenging, but it has proven to be very useful in helping businesses thrive. 

 Put in the effort to see results.

If you know other tactics on how to grow a Facebook group, type them in the comments below.