What is Video Curation and How to Do It the Right Way

Content Curation Ahmed Mazen 9 February 2021
Video curation is about finding useful videos on the web and bringing them to your audience in one place.

Video curation is a time saver technique. It helps marketers and entrepreneurs publish and share high-quality and engaging video content more easily than creating their content. 

Video curation is a form of content curation. I consider it the best form because it brings you more marketing results and builds your online presence faster. 

I'll discuss this in more detail in a minute.

What is video curation?

Curated videos are videos available on sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites. 

As a video curator, you search these video websites and find the most useful and engaging videos to share with your audience.

Video curation is not just aggregating videos; it is about adding value to your collection of curated videos by organizing, categorizing, and writing your thoughts.

Video Curation strategies: Short-term and Long-term

There are two different strategies to curate videos; choosing one depends on your marketing and business goals.

The difference between the two strategies is enormous in terms of the marketing results.

Let me explain.

Short-term video curation strategy

You can use this strategy when you want to share a single video on your social media channels or send a few videos in an email newsletter.

You grab the video URL from the site that hosts the video, for example, YouTube, and past the URL on your social media channels. 

The video will show up on your followers' news feed as a post with an image. Once they click on the image, they are redirected to YouTube to watch the video.

In this strategy, you gave value to your followers by bringing them an excellent video to watch.


At the same time, you are losing traffic and a huge opportunity to build your online presence by sending them to YouTube directly.

Long-term video curation strategy

On the other hand, in the log-term video curation strategy, you embed the curated videos into your website and share them from there.

One of the drawbacks of content curation is that you send your followers to websites you don't own. 

This is not the case with video curation.

Because with videos, you have the option to embed them into your website without infringing on copyrights. 

Most popular video websites like YouTube offer an embed code for each video to play the video anywhere on the web. 

By having the videos embedded into your website, you are ready to share them with your domain name in the URL, bringing your followers back to your website.

You see the difference between the two strategies.

With the long-term video curation strategy, you are building an extremely active online presence. 

By embedding the videos into your website, then sharing them from there, 

You are:

  • Driving traffic to your website.
  • Consistently publishing new web pages that increase your chances to attract organic traffic from search engines.
  • Building your email list.
  • Growing a place for your audience to come back for more content.

Video Curation is a Win-Win Situation

When you curate videos and embed them into your website, you benefit from publishing and sharing engaging content consistently without spending much time.

Simultaneously, the original creators of those embedded videos also benefit by getting their videos promoted on your website and increasing their viewership.

It is essential as a video curator to mention the original video creator with a link to their YouTube channel or website.

Video curation tool: Curate videos with PostQuicker

PostQuicker is a video curation platform with all the tools you need to curate videos on a stunning website in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to implement the long-term video curation strategy, PostQuicker is your best video curation tool.

With PostQuicker, you can:

- Create a video website dedicated to embedded videos.

- Powerful video curation tools that help you find and curate videos quickly.

- Create beautiful email newsletters from your curated videos.

- Automatically schedule and share your videos to be posted on your social media channels.

Let's see how you can curate and share videos quickly with PostQuicker.

First, create your video website on PostQuicker.

Step 1: Curate Videos

PostQuicker has multiple options to import video into your new website:

Import Videos by URL

Enter a video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or any other source that PostQuicker supports, and click import media. 

The video will be imported into your website as a new post with a unique URL in a second.

YouTube Search

There are different ways to curate YouTube videos, search by keyword or find videos in a YouTube channel or playlist. 

Chrome Extension

Install PostQuicker Chrome extension and import videos on the go from YouTube or any supported video website.

YouTube Auto Importer

Automate your video curation with this powerful video curation feature. Connect any YouTube channel or Playlist, and PostQuicker will automatically import all their new videos into your website. It is a huge time saver and ensures consistency with your video content curation.

Curate Podcasts

Besides curating videos, you have the option to curate podcasts. You can use the PostQuicker chrome extension to embed podcasts from the supported website.

Step 2: Share on social media 

PostQuickers comes with a built-in social media scheduler that lets you schedule posts from specific categories on your website and share them on your social accounts.

Step 3: Create newsletters

Create beautiful newsletters in minutes, include videos from your website, customize the header, footer, and colors. 

You can integrate your newsletter with all the major email senders like MailChimp, Gmail, Mailerlite, and more.

Step 4: Monetize your traffic

As I mentioned above, driving traffic to your website is one of the long-term video curation strategy benefits. 

PostQuicker helps you to monetize this traffic in different ways depends on your business goals.

Here are some monetization ideas:

  • Build your email list by showing a newsletter subscription form.
  • Promote your products and services using the advertisement spaces on your website.
  • Use affiliate links.

Pro Tip:

Use your PostQuicker website to streamline all your content in one place. Besides curating videos, PostQuicker has everything you need to run a professional blog.

In my opinion, video curation is one of the best techniques to be consistent with your content publication and sharing. 


  •  You curate from millions of high-quality videos on YouTube so you will never run out of content.
  • You can embed your curated videos into your website, which helps you build your active online presence.
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • It's a Win-Win situation for both the video creator and curator.

PostQuicker automates a big part of the video curation process. Give it a try here.