How to Build an Email List Fast? 6 Super Helpful Tips

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 2 October 2020

Email Marketing has been there for as long as any of us can remember; however, the benefits of email marketing 2020 are still the same if not even more.

How to build an email list fast and without cutting corners? Neil Patel, the entrepreneur, and a digital marketing expert will tell you in the video below!

Benefits of Email Marketing 2020: 

You know how they say, the money is in the list? 

They certainly meant email lists

A well-formulated email list is a silver bullet in drawing sales to a close. Email marketing is real estate for all business owners and entrepreneurs.

Some of the Benefits of Email Lists are: 

1- Getting your Audience to Know and Trust you

There’s nothing people love more than free advice arriving straight to their mailbox. Sending enlightening content every now and then to your email list will get them to know who you are, trust and respect you. It’ll place you as the leading expert in your market pretty easy, so you need to know how to build an email list fast.

The emails need to have appealing subject lines that the recipients can’t resist opening. Plus,  it’s advised not to send more than two emails per week to not end up in the spam list. 

2- Guaranteed never to lose your audience from other platforms

If anything happens to your blog, youtube channel, or social media account and you have no backup, you’ll lose all the subscribers and followers.

When you build an email list, it guarantees that you can email your audience and ask them to follow your new account or channel even if this happens.

Better learn how to build an email list from scratch than rebuilding your channel from the ground up again, right? 

3- Closing Sales

Email your subscribers new offers, or customize special offers for people on your email list.

Also, sometimes people add items to cart and forget to proceed to checkout, some email tools send automated messages to customers asking them to continue with their purchase.

These were some of the benefits of email marketing 2020, excited to know how to build an email list fast now, aren’t you, huh?

Let’s head to the tips to grow an email list with active subscribers.

How to Build an Email List Fast? 

Tip#1: Intrigue People to leave their Emails on your Landing Page:

Did you ever open a website to find a super engaging quiz that asks you to insert your email to get the results, so you enter the email without hesitancy?

Pique your audience’s curiosity with quizzes, audit tools, or calculators on your landing page and ask them to insert their emails to show the results. This is one of the most effective ways to build an email list fast.

There are countless tools out there that’ll help you customize your quiz and gather emails like LeadQuizzes or buy ready-made calculators, like CodeCanyon.

It can appear as a popup when people visit your blog. 

If you’re asking yourself how to build an email list on social media using this tip, add your landing page’s link with the quiz in your Facebook groups, tweets, or Instagram stories.

Tip#2: Webinars:

Webinars are the rising stars of engaging techniques. You can create webinars about almost anything. 

One popular tool for webinar creation is WebinarJam; it allows you to stream to youtube or have a private webinar room with password protection.

Choose to educate your audience in your zone of genius, be friendly, give them the chance to engage and ask questions.

Announce the webinars on your social media or blog, ask people to leave their emails to send them the confirmed time and steps to join.

Webinars will help you construct a relationship with your attendees. They’ll afterward trust you and most likely close sales.

Tip#3: Intent Exit Pop-ups

‘’If someone is leaving your website, what harm can it do to ask for their email?’’

Use tools like HelloBar to create popups that appear when people click to exit your blog or website.

 Exit-intent pop-ups contain questions with two choices of answers; one of the options is an offer the audience can’t resist and ask them to leave their emails to send them the method.

Intent exit popups may sound like a desperate method to build email lists, but at least they’re harmless.

Tip#4: Create Cheat Sheets and Insert them in your Articles.

When you write an article about the ten ways to do something, create a cheat sheet with the step by step guide for it. Mention it in your article to lead people to download it after typing their email.

It’s not a piece of cake, it’s like doing double the amount of work, but it’s fruitful.

Tip#5: Don’t Overdo Things

The email list building strategies we discussed above are valid, but it’s not wise to use all the methods in the same article because it may annoy the audience and push them away. So be careful, use by most three means cohesively. 

Tip#6: Scrub Your List Once A Month

Having an email list with 1 million dormant subscribers is useless. Your aim should be to build an email list of 1000 active subscribers. 

Scrub your list at least once a month and remove the inactive recipients to prevent showing in the spam box.

Following these tips has the snowball effect of building distinct business email lists. Do you know any more tips on how to build an email list fast? If yes, tell us in the comments below!