How to Get More Traffic by Blogging Less | 4 Effective Tips

Blogging Yassmin Yasser Last update 4 years ago
Blog less and get more traffic? Wait. What? Surely you read this right! Read the strategy here!

When you start your blog, your first decision most probably is to create as much content as you can to increase blog traffic.

You roll up your sleeves and dedicate 5 to 6 hours of every day to content creation, and you’re sure that to increase blog traffic, you have to blog more.

Assumingly, you post a 900-word article per day, every day. Until you decide on the idea, search for suitable keywords, and create the content, the process is both energy and time-consuming.

Logically speaking, creating more content gives you space to include more keywords. As a reasonable outcome, you rank higher on Google, and this is how to get traffic to your blog.

Alas, this doesn’t happen. Why?

Because you missed out on one influential factor, to promote your blog. When you give your all to content creation, you don’t have enough time or energy left to promote your blog correctly.

In the video below, Neil Patel shares four Tips on how creating less content while promoting it the right way will get more traffic to your blog.

First Tip:

Send Email Blasts to blast your traffic

After you publish every post, send an email blast to your whole email list to notify them.

Email marketing is a pillar technique to increase blog traffic, so you have to do your best to get the most out of it.

Send Customized Email Blasts

It’s so easy for an email to get lost in your receiver’s email list, to prevent this, the subject has to be thought-provoking. 

In the body, sum up your article, show how this blog post will be beneficial for them, and don’t forget to add the link to your blog post.

The Less the emails, the more the traffic to your Blog

 Neil gets back to stating how useful it is to create less content.

Assuming you create posts daily, so you’ll have to send email blasts every day too. 

Put yourself in your receivers’ shoes, do you like it when a blog you visited once keeps sending you emails or consider them as spam? 

A useful, informative email once or twice a week? That’s sufficient.

Second Tip:  

Push Notifications to promote your blog

What makes this method unique is its convenience with your audience, easily subscribe to your blog with just one click. 

Push notifications tools show notifications when your audience is not even present on your blog.

You should know by now that the more comfortable you make it for your audience, the higher the probability of their subscription. And no need to mention that by getting more subscribers, you’ll increase blog traffic. 

You can use Subscribers.comPushEngage, or many others to activate push notifications to your blog.

Third Tip:

Support your Blog with Stats and Data:

People trust percentages and statistical data because they present absolute results.

When you discuss anything, make sure you support it with analytical data.

When you include stats in your content, reach out to the source you got your data from, inform them that you backlinked them in your blog. In 30% of the cases, they’ll share your blog increase blog traffic as much as possible

Fourth Tip: 

Write headlines your audience can’t resist

Recalling Neil’s words, 

‘’8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will click on your article.’’

You have by most 7 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. 

A well-written headline is what gets traffic to your blog posts, so you have to give it a lot of thought. 

These are essential things to keep in mind while writing your headline,

  • It has to pique readers’ curiosity 
  • Super catchy but also speaks the truth, never mislead your audience.
  • contains the main keyword
  • Start your headline with why, how or what
  • Include numbers in your headline

Fun Tip: Studies show that odd numbers can help recall and digest information more easily. 

  • Come up with five headlines minimum to settle on the one that suits your blog post best. You can show your headline options to a friend and see which appeals to him. 
  • Keep it simple and to the point. Nearly 5-7 words

Statistics show that making your headline 6-8 words can increase your CTR by 21%.

Your content should be useful, but your headline must be Phenomenal.

Use the 80/20 rule, if you spend 1 hour creating an article, spend 4 hours marketing it.

Tell us in the comments which of the tips on how to promote your blog was the most helpful.