Content Marketing is Changing in 2020(5 Things You Should Do!)

Blogging Yassmin Yasser 5 August 2020
What is the future of content marketing 2021? How to cope with the change and stay ahead of the game? Here are 5 things you should be doing right now!

Future of Content Marketing 2020

Everything is changing in the future. I’m not talking about flying cars and robots bringing you breakfast in bed kind of change; I’m talking about all the fundamentals we know. Content marketing is changing, and the future of content marketing is changing too.

This article is a reflection of Neil Patel’s video at the bottom of this blog post.

Neil Patel talks about how content marketing is changing. He discusses the healthiest coping mechanisms content creators should learn to avoid going on a wild-goose chase when the future of content marketing takes a turn.

Content Marketing Blogs 2020

There are over a billion blogs on the web. Competition levels hit higher roofs by the day; hence it gets way harder to attract your audience’s attention.

If you pride yourself on remaining loyal to your old content marketing strategy, think again. 

A new era calls for new tactics, let’s take a look at How digital marketing will change in 2020 and the top content marketing tips to cope with this change.

Content Marketing is Changing, How to Cope with the Change?

Tip#1: Optimize your Site using Structured Markup

Before we talk about the benefits of using “Structured Markup” to your content, let’s understand what it is. Structured markup is a form of HTML data that you embed in the coding of your website. 

What does it do?

It helps attract rich snippets and optimize your content for voice search.

Why do you need to think about doing this now more than ever?

Voice search content marketing is becoming more popular by the second. It plays a massive role in the future of content marketing. Therefore your content needs to be compatible with the voice search.

Tip#2: Make EAT A Priority:

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

Expertise and Authority:

Google released the Medic Update a while ago. What is the medic update? It’s an update where google prompts you to not talk about a topic unless you are an expert in it.

Case in point: 

You can’t be a tech expert blogging about the right ways to do surgical sutures.

This update provides a better user experience because it guarantees that any published piece of information comes out of an expert’s mouth.

When your name shows up on your audience’s feed, they have to know what to expect: Medical advice, business tips, food reviews, just one thing.

Don’t try to be a kind of a catch-all; it’ll do you more harm than good.

Quality over quantity:

How to create great online content? 

Give three pieces of your content your utmost best, instead of trying to create 30 pieces. 

Keep your pieces helpful yet straightforward.

Creating meaningful content encourages your audience to trust you.

Tip#3: Increased personalization to your audience: 

Your blog can contain the best information in the world, yet it has a high bounce rate or a few visitors, why is that? 

Maybe your blog or channels need a slight organization. 

People love it when you make things easier for them, and right in front of their eyes. Modify and categorize your blog, youtube channel, and Instagram story highlights.

For example: If you’re a photographer and you create content to teach people about the different fields of photography, create a category for each photography field; food photography, portrait photography, cinematography, stop motion videos.

Categorize your videos, this way, when someone visits your channel. They can find what they’re looking for smoothly.

This trick is simple, yet you won’t believe how super effective it is. 

Apply this for any field and in any platform or website.

Tip#4: A.I machine learning will continue to take precedence:

With every new update, Google is releasing; content marketing is changing along with it. 

Google released and will keep releasing updates that work with artificial intelligence.

How and why?

Google’s main objective is to show accurate results to its users. Artificial intelligence enhances the accuracy of the search results for its users.

For your content to survive and live through future updates, it needs to contain precise answers to frequently asked questions in your niche.

“It’s not about having a 2000 word article about a topic; it’s about having the best informative piece of content.

Tip#5: Interactive Content and Imagery will Takeoff:

“Yes, videos and podcasts are booming, but Swipe is the future of content marketing.”

Instagram swipeable carousels are among the best methods to share your piece of knowledge subtly and smoothly.

When you create a to the point carousel, your audience can’t help but share it with their friends, which will provide you with an abundant engagement.

The only inevitable thing about the future of content marketing is that it’ll not stop changing.

Always stay updated !