Facebook Group Or Facebook Page For Business Fast Growth?

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Which shall I create, a Facebook group or a Facebook page?

Having your business present on Facebook is not an option anymore. 

You may be scratching your head about whether to create a Facebook group or Facebook page or do you need them both?

A while ago, building a website or creating a blog was enough to grab the attention of your target audience, get leads, and see your business grow. 

With all the competition out there now, It’s not that easy. 

It goes without saying, using Facebook for marketing is the most used and most effective strategy to grow your business.

Why use Facebook for marketing? 

Facebook marketing has become extremely popular over the past decade. 

Because everyone and I mean everyone is on Facebook all the time, commenting, joining Facebook groups or Facebook pages, or just scrolling nonstop through their timelines. 

Therefore the likelihood of reaching your target audience is higher than on any other platform.

One can do Marketing on Facebook through many tools; that’s why you might be thrown in the loop of deciding on one.

Shall you delete the Facebook group and create a Facebook page for your business instead? Which one will grow your business faster? Or do you need both?

Tanya Aliza clarifies some main differences between the Facebook group and the Facebook page.

Check the video below to learn about her strategy to nurture her 7 figure business through Facebook marketing.

You probably receive Invites from friends to all kinds of Facebook groups or Facebook pages nearly every day. 

So presumably, you’re aware of how popular both are, but what are the main differences between them?

What is a Facebook page?

‘’Shape your business on Facebook page.’’

A Facebook Page is a profile page for your brand. All comments, posts, live videos done through the Facebook page will be in your business’ name, and not yours.

The pros of the Facebook page:

  •  Facebook Pages show up in Google search results. 
  • help position you as the authority
  • Facebook Pages provide you with analytics on the number of likes, shares, etc.
  • Run ads on pages
  • Start Live videos anyone on Facebook can watch

What is a Facebook group?

From its name, a Facebook group is meant to sustain a community of like-minded people.

You can engage and communicate with your members better in a Facebook group.

The pros of a Facebook group

  • Better engagement with your audience
  • Easier to educate them about your services
  • Sell your products or service

Facebook Group, or Facebook Page?

Having said that, so which shall you choose?

Truth be told, it’s not an either-or situation. For your business to grow, you need both methods.


Think of it this way, 

The Facebook page about the service you provide, your brand, or your blog allows you the exposure to a large number of people.

It is everything you need to reach your target audience.

On your Facebook page, you can keep up with the insights, start live videos, and run ads.

Besides, whenever someone searches for your page on google, they can easily find you.

While The Facebook group,

Is the community you build for yourself. 

  • engage with your audience and befriend them 
  • educate them through microblogs about the topic
  • Ask for their feedback about your services

It’s not a Facebook page or Facebook Group, but it’s a Facebook page and Facebook group.

Tips for Facebook marketing:

What is the best strategy to follow to see your business thrive?

Step number one: 

Commit to the idea that Facebook is going to be a business building strategy for your business. 

Grasp the will to give 110% to your Facebook page or Facebook group.

Step number two:

Congruent with your messaging and your audience. 

In your Facebook group, share material that’s relatable to your niche.

Don’t share just anything to get your group members to engage.

Everything you post on the Facebook page or Facebook group should work to deliver your message. 

For example, your group posts should be about hair, not cars, if you’re selling a hair product.

“Your Facebook group is not a popularity contest, be congruent with everything you through your page and group.’’

Step three: 

“Use your Facebook page with your Facebook group.”

You need to move people from your page to your group because, as we said, the engagement in the Facebook group is much higher than on the page.

Never forget the call to action to join your group in your Facebook page posts.

In a nutshell, 

You can’t run before you walk, create a Facebook page first, then move your audience from the Facebook page to your group.

Your Facebook page will define your brand or service and help position you as the authority. 

Still, a Facebook group is where you build your community. 

In your Facebook group or Facebook page, educate your audience, engage with them, and so that they can trust you.

Cultivating a fun interacting community is excellent, but don’t lose sight of your goal, which is to get your business to grow.

Don’t lose sight of that.

We hope these Facebook tips helped, and you’re not in a quandary about what to do anymore.

Tell us in the comments if you have another opinion regarding the Facebook page or Facebook group debate.