How to Build An Email List Fast?

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 15 August 2020
Email lists are the pillars of any business’s success, so put your thinking cap on, and let’s dive into how to build an email list fast.

How to build an email list fast? Building an email list will come handy, or will it be a waste of time? Are email lists outdated?

Vanessa Lau, the digital marketing strategist, fills in all your email marketing questions’ blanks and reveals how to build an email list from scratch.

Benefits of Email Marketing 2020

You know that cooking pan you inherited from your great-grandma that always saves the day, it cooks fast and never gets burnt? Yup, this considerably what email marketing is like.

The benefits of Email marketing 2020 are a lot.

Why is that?

What will you do if you wake up one day to find that all social media had shut off? Or even if it crumbled down for a week or two? 

 As a business owner, even one day means a considerable loss.

If you have already built your email list, you can effortlessly resume or reconstruct your business without blowing both ends of any candle.

Moreover, when you build an email list, you can pull people to your website or blog anytime you post something new or start selling a new product or service.

Now put your thinking cap on, and let’s dive into how to build an email list fast. 

How to Build An Email List From Scratch?

Step#1: Create A Lead Magnet

 A lead magnet, freebie, or Opt-in are all different terminologies for the same thing. 

It’s the process of providing your audience with something in exchange for their email.

Your offer has to be juicy enough for your audience to want to exchange their email with you.

It can be in the form of a lead quiz or a guide: 

  • A pdf guide
  • Free video training
  • A free audio file

Regardless of what your format is, you need to make sure that what you’re creating is what your audience wants.

It has to be a no brainer freebie that your audience won’t have to think before they type in their email.

Freebies are the base of successful email list building strategies, so after you prepare them, you need to learn how to distribute them properly.

Step#2: Distribute your Freebies

Freebies are your biggest asset, that’s why you need to distribute them properly. 

Let’s take building an email list from video content marketing platforms first.

How to build an email list on Youtube?

Plugin your freebie in the youtube videos, but for that to happen, you need to create relevant videos to your freebies so that you’ll be able to plug them in, and they won’t seem out of place.

How to Build an Email List on Social Media?

You can share your pieces of content in Facebook groups, run it with Facebook Ads, add it in your Instagram’s bio section, or the header or footer of your website.

Keep in mind, your freebie is your ticket to the benefits of Email Marketing 2020. Therefore you have to find a way for the people who’ll download your freebie to give their email.

That’s why you have to create a landing page.

Step#3: Create A Landing Page:

Create a landing page where they’ll fill in their email and username to download the Lead Magnet. 

Do your research and pick the platform that suits you best to create the landing page on, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, if you’re still a beginner, I’d advise you to pick a reasonably priced platform, and keep things simple.

Step#4: Choose Email List Software:

There are various options, but most of the time, Mailchimp is what beginners choose to build email lists for free.

If you want to take things to the next level for the sake of the long run, you ought to find software that tags your subscribers appropriately.

Ex. when people download your ‘’how to increase Instagram followers guide’’, they’ll automatically be added to the Instagram list, if they download a guide related to SEO, they’ll be added to the blogging email list. 

Proper segmentation helps in tailoring future email copies exactly to your recipient’s needs.

Step#5: Skim your list every once in a while:

Let’s be honest, some recipients in your email list won’t open your emails, at all. 

Sit down every once in a while and filter your email list. Do it regularly the moment you create your email list.

Building an Email List from scratch is not a task you can pull an all-nighter and finish; it takes time and effort, but the benefits of email marketing 2020 will be worth your while.

Start implementing these tips to grow an email list now to build your email list fast.

If you have any extra tips on how to build an email list from scratch, leave them in the comments below.