What Is Content Marketing - 5 Fundamental Tips

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 25 July 2020
What is content marketing? This article will let you know some tips you need to know to own the content marketing world 2020!

The Content Marketing World

Whenever you browse the internet nowadays, you seem to crossroads with something related to content marketing. 

You probably are eager to know what is content marketing? What are the benefits of content marketing? And why is it so popular?

No more running in circles, this article reflects Hey Jessica's words about content marketing and let you know some tips you need to know to enter the content marketing world 2020! 
Watch Hey Jessica's video from here.

What Is Content Marketing?

 It's the act of creating content, publishing it so that it'd do the marketing for you. 

The content doesn't revolve exclusively around your product; contrarily, it's made to educate your audience and entertain them.

Through the free content you create, your audience will get to know you, trust you and eventually, buy from you.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the bread and butter of every business in 2020, whether it is a service or a product selling business.

 You now know what is content marketing, but how can publishing a lot of free content be profitable for your business?

With the vast competition in your niche, it makes it disturbing for your audience to decide on their seller.

Content marketing gives you the chance to show off and impress your target audience with what you know and lies in your genius zone.

When people in your niche see how smart you are, they trust you because your content made your business feel like a safe and trustable place for them to invest their money.

How can you guarantee that content markets for you, eventually? 

There are a few bridges you need to learn how to cross, to guarantee that you will reach your content marketing goals. 

The following tips will show you.

Content Marketing Tips

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

You know the saying, consistency is the key to success? 

Well, you need to keep this saying on top of mind at all times. 

Your audience has to get used to seeing your posts on their timelines regularly. 

Posting three times a day, then vanishing into the air for a week or two, pulls your whole business down. 

Before you set foot into the content marketing world, sit down and decide on a frequency for your postings, for the future. It's highly recommended that you create a content marketing calendar.

Pick the pace that suits you most, daily, weekly, whatever, make sure you'll be able to keep up with what you decide.

Optimize Your Content To The Most: 

SEO content marketing is the pillar of succeeding in the content marketing world.

What is SEO content marketing? Let me untangle your crossed wires.

SEO stands for "search engine optimization." 

It's the process of making your content detectable and reachable by the search engines. 

 If your content is detectable by search engines and ranks high, your content will begin to show on your people's result pages.

All in all: it's the process of getting your content seen by the search engines to appear on your audience's search pages when they search for certain keywords that you use.

No matter the platform you choose to market your content on, make sure you grasp how to do SEO content marketing on it.

For example:

Since blogging is good for business, let's say you choose to create a blog: 

You'll need to: use specific keywords in the body and a proper catchy title. 

The keywords are what your audience inserts in their search bars, so you'll have to determine the keywords and use them throughout the topic and title.

I'm barely touching the surface here, whether you choose blogs or video marketing or whatever I can't tell you how vital SEO content marketing is

Promote on all platforms

Promote your single piece of content on all the platforms you use because you don't know who's going to see it. 

Maybe someone will check a snippet of your youtube video on Instagram, like what you're selling and get to you.

Feed It into a Content Marketing Funnel

You don't want your content to be floating out there on the web for no reason.

You want people to get engulfed in reading, listening, or watching it. 

Create a funnel of related videos or blog posts so that people can fall in the rabbit hole of your content, get keen to read your blog posts, listen to your podcasts or watch your videos.

Case in Point: 

If you found that a lot of people in your niche are asking about "curating content," you go ahead and create ten videos or blog posts or whatever about "content curation."

You can create a tips post, a post about ten benefits for content curation post, the best tools to use, and so on. 

And at the end of videos, sell your service. 

When your audience finds that you went out of your way to create such useful and detailed free content for them to learn, they'll trust you, and confidently, all this free content will come back to you in the form of money. 

To sum all the content marketing tips up: 

To explore the content marketing world, you need to create bingeable content that is SEO optimized, and promote it everywhere.

Content marketing is both profitable and fun. 

I hope you got the answer to your question, what is content marketing and that you found the content marketing tips useful.

Tell us in the comments, how was that useful to you and what would you suggest for our coming post.