How To Create Content Fast? 8 Content Marketing Strategy Tips!

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 21 July 2020
A step by step guide on how to develop a faultless content marketing strategy for your business.

Have you been trawling the internet to find the perfect digital content marketing strategy? Well, it's your lucky day!

In this article, we'll walk you through a step by step guide on how to develop content marketing strategy for your business.

The digital content marketing strategy we'll discuss is the strategy shared by Brian Dean. It got Brian 2M+ visitors to his site last year!

You'll find the video at this article's end.

Before we get to the content marketing strategy guide, there's one crucial point we need to hammer.

Content Strategy 2020 vs. Before

Some of the basic concepts changed out of all recognition in 2020. 

Let's take the three most known blogging tips as an example.

1- Publish Short 500-Word Blog Posts:

Publishing long-form comprehensive guides are the new blogging wrinkle. 

Until not so far, it was thought that publishing short blog posts is the way to go. This technique might have worked in the past, but now? Certainly not.

2- Keep Your Blog Updated With Fresh Content

Brian says that he publishes a new post every 4-6 weeks, and it's working wonders to his blog and website reaches!

But Just so you know, if you're still kick-starting your blog, you need to pump out content over shorter periods.

3- You Need To Post At Least Once/week

Whether you publish once a week or once a month, publish zappy world-class stuff! 

What distinguishes a successful social media content creator from his fellow competitors is how fast he acknowledges change and adapts to it.

Keep an unblinking eye for content marketing trends and always be ready for change.

Now that we're on the same page put on your thinking cap and dive in.

How To Develop Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Step#1: Find A Proven Topic

There are countless content ideas out there; however, you shouldn't pick any topic haphazardly. 

How to Lay Hands On The Ultimate Crowd-Pleasing Topic?

- Competitors in your Niche: 

Look through your competitors' content and determine which topic the audience is interacting with the most. 

Leave no stone unturned, 

Don't check the blog posts only, go through their podcasts and tweets as well.

After you determine the topic, outshine your competitor. 

For example, If they wrote a blog post about the top 5 SEO and content marketing tips, write an article about the top 10 SEO and content marketing tips. 

- Online Communities

The online community sites like Reddit or Quora are a goldmine of content ideas.

Take a look at them to see the frequently asked questions in your Niche.

- Answer the Public

Answer the Public tool will take your digital content marketing strategy to the next level.

It enables you to cater to your audience with their exact needs.

Type one keyword in the search bar and get plenty of results. The results are the most asked Hows, Whys, Whats in your Niche.

After you've put so much effort into finding the perfect content ideas, you can't follow the "Throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks" technique. 

SEO content marketing is essential because it enables Google to recognize your content and show it to the audience.

That's why the next two steps discuss how to set SEO content marketing. 

Step#2: Find Your SEO Keywords

Finding the right keywords can be done in many ways, but if you're beginning, it's best to leave things uncomplicated and go old school. 

- Ask Google, Youtube, and any searchable platform.

Type the main word your topic discusses into the search bar and don't click enter. Wait to check the suggestions displayed below. These suggestions are some of the most frequently asked questions in your niche.  

Repeat this in Google, Amazon, and any other searchable platform that crosses your mind.

- "The related searches for LSIs."

Besides the main keyword, there is another type of keywords, the LSI keywords.

How to find them?

At the bottom of your google search page, you'll find some suggestions. 

Filter them and use them as long-tail keywords for your post.

Step#3: Optimize Your Content For SEO

SEO is your content’s shotgun, you can’t pull the handbrake and go without optimizing your content.

The title tag:

It doesn't matter how great your content marketing strategy is if your title isn't catchy enough.

The title is the bait that gets people to pause their scrolling and choose to check your post.

And the more clicks you get on your post, the better your rank on google gets.

Make sure the title contains the keywords.

Keywords Usage:

Use your keywords as much as you can in your content, especially in the first 150 words but avoid stuffing your content with keywords; it wears readers out.

External links

Add links within your post related to the message you're trying to deliver to your audience.

Step#4: Choosing Marketing Formats

We live in an era where there are a ton of content marketing formats: 

  • Blog posts
  • Ebooks
  • Video marketing through 
  • Youtube, native videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Podcasts
  • Quizzes
  • Etc,

I can hear you asking, Which content format shall I include in my digital content marketing strategy to win the game?

Well, quoting Brian's words, the question isn't which format works best; it's which format you can do best?

Pick the content format that lies in your zone of genius and Crush it!

Do you prefer writing? Hence writing blog posts is a no brainer.

Do you enjoy standing in front of a camera? Video marketing then!

 Maybe you are a fantastic designer? Start designing visual content.

Besides, you're not ought to stick to one content format. The same idea can be made into countless forms of content.

For example, if you're into video marketing, after creating a video for youtube, cut it down to smaller videos for Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter, transform your videos to blog posts and podcasts.

Consume any idea to bits.

Step#5: Publish The Amazing Piece Of Content

Getting your content to stand out nowadays is not a walk in the park.

If you don't give polishing up your content the attention it deserves, it'll sadly be lost like a needle in the digital world's haystack.

How to let your content stand out?

- Publish Insanely Actionable Content

Avoid beating around the bushes and start creating content that people can implement right away.

- Use Lots of Examples:

Examples help ease things up.

Coming up with good Examples can be more time and energy-consuming, but it's essential.

-Content UX :

"When you make it easy for people to consume your content, it has a much better chance of driving targeted traffic to your website."

Going through your content must be an enjoyable experience for your audience.

  • For blog posts, Don't squinch in all the text. 
  • Podcast: Good audio quality
  • Videos: High production value

Step#6: Content Marketing Promotion

''When I say, promote your content, I don't mean to share your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Even though this can help.''

The following are three methods of publishing to include in your digital content marketing strategy:

Content roundups:

It exists in every niche market.

 A content roundup is a blog post that features links to other people's blog posts.They curate the best updates in a certain niche. Usually, you'll find them on a weekly or monthly basis.

You need your content to get in front of someone who does roundups and appeal to them.

Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are the bread and butter of any digital marketing strategy, and they're far from being outdated.

Newsletters will, without doubt, get lots of eyeballs on every piece of content you publish.

Boosted Facebook posts

Retargeting is legit!

Don't boost posts haphazardly. Use content marketing retargeting instead because it'll appear directly on your target audience's pages, plus it's more economical.

Step#7: Track your performance

How do you know if the digital content marketing strategy you're using works?

 The beauty of digital marketing is that you can monitor the behind the scenes of everything.

Keep an eye on the analytics through google analytics.

If your current digital content marketing strategy is not getting you good traffic, then it's probably time to go back to the drawing board and switch things up.

Put in mind,

 Content marketing and SEO can take time to kick in, sometimes months. So don't be disappointed if you don't see instant results. Give it time, and don't give up early.

Step#8: Scale Your Content Marketing

"Scale quality, not quantity."

Don't pop out tons of useless blog posts or low-quality videos just for the sake of posting.

These were all the tips on how to develop a digital content marketing strategy, tell us in the comments which of these will you try first!