How to Grow Your Facebook Group: 4 Tips You Need To Know

Content Marketing Yassmin Yasser 8 July 2020

Grow A Facebook Group From Scratch?

How to grow a Facebook group? How to get more members in a Facebook group? How to run your newly created Facebook group? 

These are probably the three most asked questions in 2020 when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

Facebook groups are currently the bread and butter of any business; they give you the chance to assemble your audience and have an authentic connection with them.

We will help you lay a hand on the Facebook group strategy to help your group grow and reach a decent number of members in no time!

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How to Grow Your Facebook Group 2020 style?

1- Invite People From Other Platforms to Join your Facebook Group

Start looking for answers out of the box, literally.

The first Facebook group strategy for growth that  Social Media Examiner discussed involves looking outside Facebook. 

Approach the audience on other platforms. How?

Email Blasts:

Include your Facebook group link in your email blasts.
  • Set the link to join your Facebook group as your email signature 
  • Talk about your group in a line or two at the end of your articles.
  • Write articles that pique your readers’ curiosity about the group.

The articles can be like a teaser for the topic you’re discussing in your Facebook group.

Instagram Posts and stories:

Leave breadcrumbs in your Instagram posts and stories to lure people and get more members in a Facebook group.

- Design eye-catching carousel posts.

You can create a tips-post where each visual has one tip and call to action in your carousel’s last visual.

- Formulate a sense of urgency in your stories: 

Note: If you have more than 10k followers on your Instagram business page, add a swipe up to your Facebook group link in your stories. If not, add the link in your bio and ask your audience to check it.


Smart usage of the 240 characters can be more than enough to intrigue other twitter users to join your Facebook group.

Write teasing tweets accompanied by the link to your group.

Mention your Facebook group in your blog. 

  • Write articles about topics that you discuss in the group and propose joining the Facebook group to discuss the topic further.
  •   Add pop-ups in your articles.

Add Pop-ups people can click on to join your Facebook group.

  • Set the notification at the top of your blog to be an invite to your Facebook group.

Don’t stop here; you’re far from over!

 Besides the platforms we mentioned above, you can add the link to your Linkedin account, your Quora and Reddit answers. 

Adding the group link to the different platforms you use is How to make your Facebook group popular in the shortest time possible!


3- How to Get more Members In a Facebook Group Using Facebook Page?

Invite people from your Facebook page to join your Facebook group.

On the right side of your Facebook group screen, you’ll find a section called “suggested members; these are the people that like your Facebook page. 

Invite them all.

--> Keep in mind; 

Facebook permits you to invite nearly 50 people a day. 

Facebook will hide this sidebar temporarily when you reach this limit. Don’t worry; It’ll return in a day or two.

Set a new cover photo that calls out to the Facebook group. 
I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the cover photo is the most prominent thing on your page.

That’s why you have to call out for your Facebook group on it.

Highlight and tease your group content 

“Your Facebook page is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Nothing moves people more than feeling like they’re missing out on something. 

Keep beating around the bushes with your page posts. 

You can do the following, 

  • If you created a how-to video for your group, you could post the part where you hadn’t started talking about the advice itself.
  • Ask your audience to join a discussion about the article’s topic in the Facebook group?
  •  Want free Ebooks about (topic), join our group!

How to Run a Facebook Group in The Best Manner? 

Social Media Examiner suggested the strategy in the next point to ease a Facebook group growth and get the right members to the group.

3- Natural Progression to Grow A Facebook Group

Your Facebook group members are your tribe. 

So, How to get the right members to join your group?

One of the very effective Facebook group strategies is to breakdown your goal to smaller milestones using more than 1 group.

For instance, if your end goal is to create a group about an Instagram post scheduler tool.

Start by creating a Facebook group that targets anyone interested in digital marketing.

When your group has a considerable number of members, create a second narrower niche group, for people who are specifically interested in all social media scheduling tools.

Announce your second group in your first one with teasing posts.

Finally, create a more precise group that talks about Instagram scheduling tools.

4- Leverage Other Groups to Get More Members in your Facebook Group

How to make your Facebook group popular using other groups without being spammy?

There are healthier tactics to get more members in a Facebook group than continuously posting your group link to the wall without the admin’s permission.

Ask the group admin if you can collaborate with them, share your articles with the group, or go on a live session where you’d advise in your area of expertise.

Growing a Facebook group and making it popular doesn’t happen once you create the group. You have to promote it the right way to the right audience. 

Do you know any other tips on how to grow a Facebook group? Tell us in the comments below after you watch social media examiner’s video below!