How To Get Instagram Followers Fast in 5 Easy Steps!

Social Media Yassmin Yasser Last update 4 years ago

Instagram is one of the most viable social media platforms of all time. 

But Growing on Instagram is undeniably hard.

You can spend years trying to figure out how to get Instagram followers to your account. Some people give up midway and decide to buy Instagram followers. Is this how Instagram followers increase? 

The viral YouTuber and content creator Vanessa Lau reveals some accessible to super-effective Instagram hacks to get real Instagram followers. 

Check it here.

Who has the most followers on Instagram? And how do they do it?

Accounts who have the most followers on Instagram are the accounts that Instagram users interact with most.

It may seem tempting to buy Instagram followers in the beginning, but it's the worst thing to do to yourself in the long run.


Having a large number of Instagram followers may boost your self-esteem, especially when you're still at the beginning.

But sadly, it'll do you more harm than good in the long run.

To buy Instagram followers consistently costs a lot, which makes it hard to keep up with, and if you decide to stop suddenly, your followers' count will drop, and people will notice that all your past success was a fake. 

Besides that, According to Instagram's new algorithms, Instagram accounts who have the chance to show up more are the accounts that have the most engagement. 

So to be able to get the engagement, you first need to get real Instagram followers other than that, you'll be screaming in an empty ghost town.

How to get real Instagram followers fast? 

Hack #1 "Customize your name for SEO purposes."

If you're new in your field, the chances are your Niche is not familiar with your name. 

How will you pop up in their search results then? 

Simple hack, add what you do to your name in the bio.

For example, if your account is a photography account, add Photographer beside your name.

Now every time anyone in your area types "photographer" in the search bar, your account will show up. The same goes for anything, fashion blogger, life coach, fitness trainer, etc. 

Hack #2: Leverage captions to your favor

Creating eye-catching creative posts is indeed out of the question, that's what causes Instagram users to slow down scrolling and maybe like your post.

But What gets them to engage? 

Your caption. 

Taking the time to write the appropriate caption can get you to places! 

  • Write captions your followers can resonate to:

Ask questions or tell stories. Build a "know, like, trust" relationship with your Instagram followers. 

 If you trigger an emotion, Most Instagram followers will engage with you in the comments, and maybe they'll take it one step further and tag their friends. 

  • Call to action in your captions. 

Whether you want your followers to buy what you're selling or check a link in the bio, make sure you mention it.

Hack#3: Employ different-sized Instagram Hashtags 

Some people treat hashtags so poorly like they throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks.

Using the right hashtags maximizes your reach in your Niche and helps you to get real Instagram followers.

How to use the right Instagram hashtags? 

Don't limit yourself to generic hashtags.

If you use only generic hashtags like #Photography #Entrepreneur and these top-ranking hashtags, you'll disappear from the explore page within seconds because most Instagram followers use those hashtags.

Spend time exploring more specific Instagram hashtags to your Niche. 

When you use Small to medium-sized hashtags, you'll be able to find a place on the explore page for a more extended period. 

To achieve maximum exposure for the longest time possible, mix between the hashtags. 

Hack #4: Rotate between hashtags

If you keep using the same set of hashtags in all your posts, it's most likely that Instagram will think you're spam and will stop showing your profile.

So put in the effort to mix between different hashtags.

Vanessa suggests an uncomplicated way never to drop this point.

  • First, find the hashtags you'll use.

        Generic, Medium, and small-sized

  • Sort the Instagram hashtags into groups
  • Keep a list of the different hashtag groups
  • Mix and match between different hashtag groups every time you post.

Hack #5: Engage with the community

If you want your followers to engage with you, engage with them.

Reply to their comments on your posts, Don't sleep on answering their DMs.

This method is a bit tiring and time-consuming, but it gets your Instagram followers to 

"like, know, and trust you." 

Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, Instagram likes it when the account has high interaction, it keeps showing you in results, and that gets real Instagram followers for free.

Go the extra mile, follow different hashtags in your niche, and start engaging with people that pop up in your search results. 

These people are your target audience. And this is you interacting with your target audience effortlessly.

Try these Instagram hacks and let us know in the comments below, which was the most effective and got you the most followers on Instagram.