ADVICE FOR CONTENT CREATORS (Never Make These 8 Mistakes)

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 10 August 2020
If you’re hitting the trail of content creation, check these 8 deadly mistakes you need to avoid to be a successful content creator!

How to Be A Successful Content Creator? 

Every success story you hear has strategic content creation tangled in it. Competition is up to the roof, which makes success feel like a faraway dream. Luckily, you stumbled upon the best advice for content creators to help you through your tough path.

Vanessa Lau will show you how to be a successful content creator as she talks about eight deadly mistakes a content creator should avoid in this video below.

8 Deadly Mistakes you should Avoid:

Mistake#1: No Niche:

Jumping directly to creating random content is not the right thing to do.

You need to take the time to pave your path before you set foot on it.

The best advice for new YouTubers or any content creators is to have a defined niche and determine its exact needs.

When you know who you’re targeting, you’ll have a more transparent look at what type of content you should be sharing, and your audience will know what to expect from you.

If you are not clear on what you are delivering to your audience, what will be their incentive to follow you back?

‘’You don’t want to be a Buffet, you want to be a specialized restaurant.’’

People need to have a precise reason to subscribe to your channel, follow you on Instagram or whatever social media platform you use.

  People follow beauty accounts for the sake of beauty, fashion for fashion. If you post fashion videos one day, then suddenly post cooking videos, it will confuse your audience and hinder their subscription, especially if you are just beginning your journey.If you find some popular influencers or bloggers doing so , that is because they already have followers who love them and are ready to accept random content from them.

 People don’t like not knowing what will be served.

Hence, you need to speak your message loud and clear.

Pick your niche. Be as focused as possible, this is how to be successful on social media.

Mistake#2: Crying Over Lost Followers

‘’Instead of crying over the people who left, make sure you’re delivering the most value to the people who stayed. Treat them like gold.’’

It can be heartbreaking, but you need to dry your tears and get up, have your head held high, and start creating brilliant content.

Reform your mindset not to chase the numbers. You’re building a community, and this will take both time and effort.

Put in all the effort to create good content; people will sniff it, and it’ll attract the right audience. Don’t give up; numbers will jump up sooner or later.

Focusing is the success key of all the content creation strategies 2020.

Mistake#3: Not Thinking Long Term

Don’t post things for the sake of posting. This tip is one of the top social media tips 2020.

As we mentioned before, paving the path you’ll walk is crucial.

Will you monetize your blog in the future? Do you want to grow a personal brand? Adjust your content marketing strategy according to your goals; this is how to be successful as a content creator.

Mistake#4: Not building An Email list

Your email list is your safety net, and it’ll come handy if you want to monetize your blog or sell a product in the future. 

Email lists are so important. If your Facebook page or youtube channel got shut down one day, you’d lose your entire business overnight; however, collecting emails will help you contact your audience and tell them how to reach you. 

And if you decide to sell a product someday, your email list will be super useful.

Mistake#5: Poor Collaboration Pitches:

If you’re reaching out to a more prominent channel for the sake of collaborating, then there are two things you can never do, sounding helpless and selfish.

If you want to collaborate with others successfully, sit down, and ask yourself what exactly can you do for them?

Don’t beg and spam them, instead, speak with confidence and offer value.

Whoever you decide to collaborate with, find something that you can offer to them.

Mistake#6: Share videos in irrelevant groups:

The best advice for YouTubers, If you’re promoting your videos in irrelevant groups, this will kill your watch time and will do you more harm than good.

If you’re a beauty blogger and post your videos in a group for people interested in fishing, you can attract a few people to your video, but your watch rate will be murdered.

Youtube is not about views or clicks; watch time is your key metric. If your watch time is sufficient, youtube will suggest your videos to users watching similar videos.

People leaving your videos rapidly will prevent Youtube from doing so.

Mistake#7 Not engaging with the audience

A huge no-no.

This advice for content creators can be a deal-breaker. 

Keep in mind that if you want to grow an audience, you need to show appreciation to the people supporting you. Show gratitude and love.

As you grow, it gets harder to answer all the messages and comments, but try to set a particular time of your day for your audience. 

Mistake#8: Give up too early.

Results don’t appear overnight, keep improving and becoming better, have a solution-oriented approach kind of mindset.

Check famous YouTubers’ old videos, see how they upgraded, and learn from them.

Content creation is a tiring yet fruitful journey; the essential advice for content creators is to be patient and not give up no matter how bumpy the trip gets.

 Did you make any of these mistakes? Are there any more mistakes that you made in your content creating journey and would like to share them with us. Comment below