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How To Create Good Content for social media? 7 Hacks!

7 Hacks on How To Create Good Content for social media easily and fast !
Yassmin Yasser 25 July 2020

How to create good content for social media efficiently in a shorter period?

The big names in the game of the content creation business make content creation seem like a low hanging fruit. Still, when you try to do it yourself, it turns out to be harder than it looks.
The well known digital marketing strategist,  Kimberly Ann Jimenez , let you in on the secrets of how to create good content for social media in less time through 7 useful content creation hacks.

Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Digital marketing and content creation are undeniably growing in importance by the day. 

Theyíre becoming fundamental for businesses which makes the window of opportunity to hook a client smaller, unless youíre able to determine the know-how.

The know-how behind the huge success youíre going to accomplish is, 

having a content creation strategy.

Letís dive into the seven content creation hacks thatíll help you make the best content creation strategy.

The Seven Content Creation Hacks!

1. Donít try to create content on all platforms at once.

To get things clear, what you see happening for the prominent content creators on the internet didnít happen overnight.

They started small and climbed their way up.

How to create great online content is knowing how much you can chew at your current phase in the business and never to bite more than it.

Deciding on one social media platform is precisely what your business needs for now. 

Hence, select one pillar content channel and one supportive social media channel.

2. How to create good content for social media?

If you create amazing images, Crush Pinterest and Instagram.

Is writing fun? Why not start a blog then?

Do you enjoy vocalizing your thoughts in front of a camera? Start recording videos now!

When you pick one and only one direction, you get the chance to focus more and create less but much higher in quality content.

3. Search Content Ideas

Sometimes we get so carried away in creating the content we care about that we forget to pause and think about what our target audience wants to hear, see, or read.

If youíre guilty of doing so, hold your horses and think again.

Writing blogs or creating videos that are interesting to your audience will bring them to your yard!

Remind yourself that youíre not creating content for your interest but your audienceís.

Tab into trends and take the time to find what people want to hear, read, or watch.

4. Plan ahead

Do you spend a lot of time trying to come up with an idea for the upcoming post every day? 

Creating content for social media on the fly is cumbersome and a  waste of time.

Stay ahead of the game by having a reliable content calendar.

5. Batch your work

ďMicro batch, not hyper batch,Ē 

As an entrepreneur, you need all the time you can get to focus on nurturing your business. 

You will not believe how much time youíll save by batching the tasks of your content creation process.

Donít stress yourself by running before you walk, find the batching content strategy that works best for you. 

You donít have to sit down and create 20 blog posts a day. 

Maybe start by writing all your tweets or Instagram captions.

Donít try to do things more than you can handle until you get accustomed to your workflow.

6. Repurpose your content

There is no shame in repurposing your content. Thereís a shame in trying to come up with new content ideas for every post on every social media platform you use.

Repurposing is a game-changer and a social media growth booster.

ďDonít share the same content over and over again; give your content more mileage.Ē

Letís take an example:

How to create consistent content on Instagram by repurposing content on youtube?

If you created a youtube video, 

  1. Pick the quotable stuff you said, shape it into eye-appealing visuals, and post them to your Instagram account.
  2. Choose a part of the video and share it on your IGTV.
  3. Post polls in your Instagram stories about the topic you discussed in the video.

Repurposing doesnít only make content creation more manageable. When the content is on different platforms, more people can consume it. 

7)  Delegate:

If youíre still in the pre-revenue phase, hiring a team may not be wise, but you can maybe ask a family member or a dear friend to take a few things off your plate.

When you start making some profit, donít get excited and hire a full-time team; however, you can hire freelancers per project to do the most time-consuming tasks for you.

When you start earning big, you can then hire a team to give you more time to move the needle of your business forward.Hiring abroad is a budget friendly option that you can also consider.

As I said, please donít take a step haphazardly and hire a team before youíre sure your income can cover it.

8) Document Instead Of Produce

Many content creation professionals mentioned this content creation tip.

Document what youíre doing on your everyday and show behind the scenes.

It can be about how you shoot a video, or where you source your materials. It doesnít have to be premium quality videos or photoshoots. Itís much better if you make it feel as real as possible. This way, your audience can connect with you on a personal basis.

Which of these content creation tips did you find the most helpful in how to create good content for social media?

Tell us in the comments.