The top 5 free content marketing tools of all time!

Pro Advice Yassmin Yasser 27 July 2020

Are you always scrambling to stay on top of things? All the top content marketing tools you come by are pricey? 

Well, don’t lose your patience just yet.

Keep reading through because kate Emiley brings you a list of her top free content marketing tools that’ll take some things off your plate so that you can hustle smarter, not harder!

How can free content marketing tools make your life better?

If you had been in the content creation game for long, skip this, you already know what the fuss is all about.

But in case you’re new to the game, I’ll tell you why,  

Helps you come up with Social media content ideas fast 

Finding new content ideas for Youtube channels, blogs, or any other social media platform can be challenging. There are free tools out there to help you lay a hand on your audience’s interesting content ideas.

Design visuals without knowing the first thing about Photoshop.

Creating visuals for your blogs makes it more eye-appealing. However, if you aren’t as interested in designing as you are interested in writing, this can be quite a hiccup. But guess what? There is a tool for that too, and it’s free!

There are countless other benefits; we’ll go through them later.

Top Free Content Marketing Tools

1st Tool: Answer the Public

Coming up with content ideas is every content creator’s monster in the closet. You spend hours and hours trawling for the perfect idea to write about in your blog or create visuals for on Instagram.

What if I tell you that you can quickly find content ideas by simply inserting the keyword in the search bar?

How to find content ideas for free? Answer the Public is the ultimate solution!

When you insert the name of your topic of interest, it shows you countless questions and comparisons relevant to your topic. The best thing is that the results it shows are the most asked by people on the web.

2nd Tool:  Google Trends

Another free content marketing tool to help you through your brainstorming phase is Google Trends.

Google Trends is a super cool website by Google that shows you all the current trending topics worldwide.

You can do one of two things, 

Check the trending topics and see the ones related to your niche or insert your search word up in the search bar.

Here you go, a ton of ideas to get your eyeballs on the content you publish every time.

3rd Tool: Keywords Everywhere

Although Keywords Everywhere ‘s full set is not entirely free, the free service it offers is valuable.

Let me tell you about its full service first, and then I’ll let you know what the free version offers.

Keywords Everywhere is a plugin for you to install to your browser.

Adding the plugin to your browser shows all the related LSI keywords to any topic you search for on any search engine, whether it’s google, youtube, etc.…

The results appear on the right side of your screen.

This is what the free version offers; the paid version allows you to detect the value and average searches per month for the keywords.

I suggest using the free version for kicking your brainstorming up a notch and wrapping your head around ideas for your topic. 

However, for determining the content marketing keywords to use, either you pay for the full service or find another keyword search tool.

4th Tool: Canva

 Visuals enhance your content a lot!

If you don’t have the faintest idea about designing and can’t afford a designer, Canva is the best free content marketing tool for you to start using!

Canva is a very user-friendly designing tool. It offers multiple free templates for you to choose from, edit, and share. 

Canva has free templates for nearly every occasion in the year. You can edit almost everything in the template from the background color, text, and illustrations.

5th Tool: Trello

As a social media manager, entrepreneur, or any content creator in general, you always have tons of tasks to do.

 Whether you work alone or have a team, it sometimes gets hard to track things.

To keep what’s remained of your sanity, Trello is here; it’s a top content marketing tool for keeping things in order.

It has a collaborative sort of environment, where you can easily create lists of the tasks. 

Every task on the list can have its deadline, notes, comments to it, and many more things!

This tool is a must-have because, at the end of the day, organizing is the only way to achieve the set objectives.

Your toolbox is now complete with the top free content marketing tools. These tools will help you so much to grow on any platform you choose.

Are there any free content marketing tools you prefer to use? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to know!