How To Find Endless Content Ideas For Your Social Media Real Fast!

Yassmin Yasser 20 June 2020
This 10-minute read article based on Vanessa Lau’s words will show you how to never run out of content ideas!

As a blogger or entrepreneur, when someone asks what’s the most grueling part about creating your content, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the content ideas for social media or blogs.

Sometimes, the process of finding content ideas for social media or blogs is smooth and easy, while other times, it makes you feel like you want to cut somebody’s head off. 

Vanessa Lu, the Online Business Coach, shows in the video below 5 tools that will make the process of finding content ideas for social media a piece of cake!

 How to Find Content Ideas For Social Media?

Let’s walk through some content creation tools and tactics that’ll assist you and make your life many times easier.

Use Blinkist

Blinkist is an app that has taken over 4000 of the most popular books in many categories like entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, psychology, and many others.

 Blinkist then condensed these books into 15-20 minutes each. 

In case you don’t have the time to read full books or if you’re not a fan of reading, Blinkist is a treasure!

It offers key insights and key lessons for each book.

How to take leverage of Blinkist to come up with content ideas for social media?

When you open the app, you’ll find countless books related to your niche.

For each book, you’ll find the top 10-15 key lessons summarized by Blinkist.

These key lessons can be content ideas for social media and blogs. 

By reading them, you’ll get your creative juices flowing. 

You can write a blog post based on one of the key insights, use what you learned as content ideas for Instagram posts or captions, or create a video for your Youtube channel. 

Ask Your Audience!

Do you know that the best way to find content ideas for free is right under your nose?

Straightforwardly, ask your audience! 

The posts you create need to fulfill your audience’s needs and speaks their mind. 

There’s no better way to know the content ideas for social media your audience wants to see than to ask them. 

How To Find Content Ideas For Instagram?

Create polls in your Instagram stories and read the answers carefully.

How To Find Content Ideas For Blogs?

Send out surveys in your email blasts.

How To Find Content Ideas For Youtube?

Read the comments! 

You can create videos about the most Frequently asked questions.

What To Do If You Don’t Get That Much Engagement From Your Audience Yet?

The answer to this question is what we’ll be discussing in the following tip!

Use Answer the Public or Facebook groups.

Answer The Public:

Answer the Public is a tool that allows you to type in your search term, and it’ll show you many questions that are asked frequently by internet users.

Answer the Public gives you the advantage of picking content ideas for social media that are SEO friendly and will appear in your audience’s search results.

Facebook Groups

You can never find a community so focused on a particular topic than a niched Facebook group.

That’s why it is the best way to find content ideas for free. 

Join Facebook groups of the audience you want to target, let their questions inspire you to come up with content ideas for your social media. 

Note: If the members of the group you joined are super active and engage a lot, scrolling through the posts can be time-consuming, so to fasten the pace, leverage the search bar in the Facebook group.

When you type your keyword in the search bar on top, Facebook will show you the posts that contain this keyword.

Ask Youtube!

When you feel like you have a mind block or you’re running low on new content ideas for social media, head to youtube!

How Can You Get Content Ideas For Free Using Youtube?

- Take a look at your competitors’ posts.

check what your competitors are posting, and see which topics are doing well for them, 

Vanessa says an essential note regarding this strategy.

“Scroll through the videos of your competitors, but don’t open the videos. Why? 

For 2 reasons,

  •  When you watch their videos, you may find yourself copying their work unintendedly
  • You may compare your work to theirs and start to doubt your content.

Get your creative juices flowing, and then create your unique content.

Use Tube buddy

Tube Buddy is an extension you can install in your browser. It helps you find content ideas for social media platforms and not just your youtube channel.

  • When you search for the keyword you want to create content about in Tube buddy, it’ll show you how many times this word is searched for on the internet, not just that, 

It shows you a list of suggested content ideas you can use to create videos about it.

Repurpose Old Content

“Good Content is good content, no matter how old it is, if it’s a good piece of content, you have to share it on other platforms.”

Take some time to look at your evergreen content and recycle it for other social media platforms. How?

You can create Instagram posts that are inspired by a blog post you wrote months back or mix between two content ideas you used and create a podcast discussing them.

Don’t need to worry about sounding repetitive to the audience because most probably, the people who follow you on different social media platforms are not the same.

And as time goes by, creating new content, will attract new subscribers that 110% sure haven’t seen your content before.

Recycling content will save you a lot of time and energy that you spend on coming up with new content ideas for social media platforms.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is like the goldmine of content ideas for social media posts or blogs.

You can keep scrolling all day long, and new stuff won’t cease to show up!

Dive into Pinterest whenever you hit a wall or come to a dead end. 

Allow yourself to get inspired by every post and every infographic you see while you peruse through Pinterest until the whole content idea for social media forms in your head.

These were the crème de la crème content creation tools, start putting them to use and see how new content ideas for social media will form easier!